Prof. Dr. Alisha M. B. Heinemann

University of Bremen - Faculty of Educational Science

Welcome to the website of Professor Alisha M. B. Heinemann, specializing in Migration and Refugee Studies and Critical Pedagogy. With a focus on postcolonial theories, Alisha Heinemann explores the professionalization of teachers in respect to their development of Critical Diversity Literacy. Her expertise extends to German as a Second/Further Language, multilingual classrooms, learning in the life course, and the transition from school to work.

Research and Publications: Alisha Heinemann has conducted extensive research on the intersection of migration, education, and social justice. Her publications delve into the complexities of pedagogical approaches in power-hierarchical settings.

Teaching and Lectures: Through her teaching, Professor Heinemann equips educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to engage with diverse student populations in an antidiscriminatory approach. She emphasizes critical pedagogy, encouraging those who work in pedagogical settings to adopt inclusive practices that open up spaces to empower students from marginalized backgrounds.

For further information or collaboration opportunities, please refer to the contact details provided on this website.